Friday July 26

Winery Tasting • Serrano 1542

Winery Tasting - Finca La Anita

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07:30 PM / 09:00 PM

10/10 People

JA! Serrano
Serrano 1542

ARS 1000

The legendary wines of Finca La Anita emerge in Agrelo, the central region of wine production. Being pioneers in Argentina of the winemaking revolution, during the year. Our desire is to make expressive bottles that reflect our traditions and terroir.Manuel Mas, born in Mendoza, started Finca La Anita in 1992 and has been producing elegant wines synonymous with quality since that time. Each elaborated grape grows in our vineyard, is harvested by hand and transformed from the barrel to the bottle, concluding in iconic wines and awarded in this New Wine World