Friday May 31

Winery Tasting • Serrano 1542 Palermo

Winery Tasting - "Wine is Art" Ernesto Catena

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07:30 PM / 09:00 PM

6/10 People

JA! Serrano
Serrano 1542 Palermo

ARS 1000

Ernesto Catena, the owner of Ernesto Catena Vineyards in Argentina, is the eldest son of Nicolás Catena of Catena Zapata. A fourth generation winemaker. While president of Bodegas Escorihuela, Ernesto felt the need to produce wines that would reflect his basic beliefs: high quality, a different style from the majority of wines being made at the time, smaller volumes, and a strong brand concept. In 2002, Ernesto Catena Vineyards was created to express those beliefs. Today, the winery produces several acclaimed brands including Siesta, Tahuan, Alma Negra, Padrillos, and Ánimal.